Friday, July 31, 2009

New Artist Alert: Asher Roth

For those of you into hip hop, there's no need to mention that there has been very little released over the last year that's worth noticing. Just the same ol shnizz. Except now it's gone all synthy and retarded. Like Lil Wayne.

Enter from side of stage: ASHER ROTH

The next white-boy rapper.

Shame. Looks like a bit of a tit.

But at least he has no delusions of being a homie. He is what he is, a lanky suburban nerd. He raps like that too. And herein is what makes the guy's music work so well: he sounds fresh.

It also helps that he's got cool beats and a mellow flow. You might have heard his single: I love college. But if you havent, check him out.

Finally, something worth downloading.

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