Wednesday, August 5, 2009

For the love of Johnny Drama

Entourage Season 6 is merely days away from airing in the States, and soon, will somehow be available to all of us who have a TV-Series-Drug-Dealer.

A TV-Series-Drug-Dealer?

You know the types - work in IT, able to get their hands on anything, love to share, own a Terrabyte of stolen entertainment. We all know one. If you don't, find one. They're great. Although they tend to be clingy. Maybe that's just mine.

Soooo, back to the shpiel. Entourage is addictive. It's just one of those shows that makes you feel like its your life. You the one Living The Dream (LTD) going to Beverly Hills pool parties, driving Astons', slaying Hollywood Honeys*. (*I'm more into my Bollywood Honey).

But then the 25 min finishes and you realise you're not in LA. You're lying on your couch with Choc Vitola crumbs on your chest and no $10mil movie deal or a crew of slaves for friends. Sux. But the bottom line is that the show is great escapism, its got cool tunes and ARI GOLD.

If you are a big fan, then I came across this piece on on the much-anticipated Season 6. Its a great read.

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