Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Don't touch me on my Studio: The Hollywood Remake

Seems like everyone is getting touchy about being touched.

Who would have guessed that a high-pitched, terrified E-tv news anchor could have inspired the journalist world to stand up against overly amorous interviewees. Mr Visagie learnt his lesson, and now this damn fool from Laguna Honda better back the eff up.

Honestly. What's with all these public displays of handies on shouldies.

This guy was WAY out of line. WAY!

I'm glad we're starting to respect each other's personal space again.

Jesse James comes clean

Wow this video is uncomfortable.

I love the stare down by Ms Interviewer. How bad would you feel if this woman caught you doing something wrong? That is a perfectly executed death stare. Her disappointment is palpable.

No wonder Jesse begins to fidget like a heroin addict. Poor grease monkey. I even feel bad for him. I'm sure Sandra was upset about the whole thing, but there's no way she could have pulled off that level of reprimanding silence.