Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I think I smell a scheme

I thought property agents were bloodhounds. HA!



The real deal bloodhounds? 'Multi-level Marketers'. Well, that's what they like to call themselves. Everyone else just calls them a 'Pyramid Scheme'. But they hate that title. Hate it!! In fact,"It's not a pyramid scheme!" is usually the second thing they say when meeting you. The first thing being: "I have an exciting opportunity I'd like to chat to you about."

In case you haven't had a friend or family member accost you yet with one of these 'exciting opportunities' let me fill you in. It's a system of recruiting people to sell crap like pots or woolen jumpers or Q10 cellulite cream for elderly thighs or, and this is usually the popular one, Health Supplements! The more they sell, the more you make. Sweet! So where do I sign?

But after doing my research, it's not quite so quaint. Sure, if you pester enough people, throw faux dinner parties that are really recruitment quicksand traps, and exhaust every friend, family member, colleague, guy you met in the sauna, etc with your 'opportunity', you may make a little $$. But I don't know if being 'that guy' is worth it.

"Oh shit. Is that Peri walking towards us? Quick, hide. There, under that bergie."

No thanks. I'll just keep being an ad guy. Selling Q10 cellulite cream to woman with elderly thighs - but at least I wont have used every acquaintance I've ever made in the process.

Although their promise that I'll be "making R200k in 6 months" is tempting....

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