Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What a gorgeous jacket

This isn't an advertising blog and hopefully, it never will be, cause then I become just another ad hack hoping to receive some of the afterglow of other people's fine work.

But when something is funny, it's worth adding. And to me, this Ebay ad is funny.

I love the way 'Frank' comes goose-stepping into frame.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Deal Alert: Origin

Origin makes the best cup of coffee in Cape Town.

I don't think I need to argue this point. If you say "No Vida does" I'll stab you in the neck with a spoon. Just come over to my house any evening in the week, and I'll be there, ready to stab you with a spoon. Just for saying that Vida makes better coffee than Origin.

It's not that Vida's coffee is bad. It's just that Origin's will make your eyeballs roll. I'm still rushing from my cup this morn. Maybe that's why I'm threatening you with a spoon.

So can you imagine my deelite when I found out that all coffee is half-price at Origin for a short while. But only upstairs in their new section. Promotion, you see. And a great one. But dangerous. It's like telling a heroin addict there's a HEYDAY SALE on Smack - start stockpiling.

So now I'm there everyday. They've even given me a filthy mattress in the corner to lie on. And when I froth at the mouth and convulse, they calmly wipe away the spittle and give me sugar-water. Don't think Vida would have done that.

So there you go: a solid bit of discount info. Straight from the half-jewish guy who loves a deal as much as he loves free cologne sachets in magazines.

Ch-check it out. I even drew you a map.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

ha ha

My new heroes

A $65 million dolla jewellery heist went down in central London a few days ago and I would like to openly proclaim my utmost approval of this outstanding accomplishment. You cant beat that. A frickin heist! I wanna be those bad-asses.

The robbery, carried out at Graff Jewellers on London’s New Bond Street, was Britain’s biggest ever gem heist. And the thiefs were cool cucumbers about the whole thing. Didn't even bother to wear masks. No masks!! That is beyond bad-ass. Some even suspect there were some facial prosthetics involved, which for me, doesn't take anything away from how cheeky the whole thing is.

You got to see the CCTV pic of these two. Looks like they just walked off the set of a Guy Ritchie flick.

Now if that isn't two cool mother-f%&kers, then what is? No answer? Yeah, thought so. Cause NOTHING is cooler than these two mother-f%&kers. I wish they were friends of mine.

Tell you what, if we were pals, and they invited me along, I'd have done it. That kind of an invitation is way too exhilirating to shoot down. I'd prob be the getaway driver, but still, I'd be in on it. And I'd have a codename. Prob something like Diamond Tooth Peri. Aaaahh yeah!

"Quick, get in the van. GO GO GO!....Yesssss. We got away. Stupid Pigs! Good driving Diamond Tooth."

However, it's probably worth mentioning that an arrest has already been made. Some 50yr old accomplice to the robbers. But still, someone's gotta go down. That's how crime works, you see.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

For the love of Johnny Drama

Entourage Season 6 is merely days away from airing in the States, and soon, will somehow be available to all of us who have a TV-Series-Drug-Dealer.

A TV-Series-Drug-Dealer?

You know the types - work in IT, able to get their hands on anything, love to share, own a Terrabyte of stolen entertainment. We all know one. If you don't, find one. They're great. Although they tend to be clingy. Maybe that's just mine.

Soooo, back to the shpiel. Entourage is addictive. It's just one of those shows that makes you feel like its your life. You the one Living The Dream (LTD) going to Beverly Hills pool parties, driving Astons', slaying Hollywood Honeys*. (*I'm more into my Bollywood Honey).

But then the 25 min finishes and you realise you're not in LA. You're lying on your couch with Choc Vitola crumbs on your chest and no $10mil movie deal or a crew of slaves for friends. Sux. But the bottom line is that the show is great escapism, its got cool tunes and ARI GOLD.

If you are a big fan, then I came across this piece on on the much-anticipated Season 6. Its a great read.