Thursday, September 10, 2009

Simpsonize dem

I sure do love Simpsons. I also love hip-hop. Bring the two together, and I'll blast a little Simpson-hop load.

Sorry. That was a bit much. But I do quite like what they've done here. They all there: Snoop, Kanye, Eminem, Biggie, Easy E, Tupac, Flavor Flav, even that Fat Joe wannabe.

Look. It's not the best thing I've ever seen on the internet, but, well...ok, I'm supposed to be doing some work, and you know, just felt like not doing some work. So what? What makes you so great anyway? Judger!

Is my life sucky?

Simple. I know.

But important to remember this one. Cause sometimes you're sitting at work writing an ad for hemroids ("Kiss your hemroides goodbye."?? Maybe? Hmm. Prob wont stick.) and suddenly you sit up and think, hang on - is my life sucking right now?

The answer is no. Its just because you're writing an ad for hemroids. (I've never actually written one - just a hypothetical shituation, get it? But seriously, I've never written one.) But if you feel your life does suck, which it probably doesn't cause you own a computer and possibly an education, but if you feel it really really does, then make a little change.

My change today? I'm writing on my blog instead of writing the crappy hypothetical situation hemroid ad. It's enough of a change to improve my mood. And that, my dear, is what's important.