Thursday, July 9, 2009

Buying Property

You got to hand it to property agents. They damn fine bloodhounds.

I've only recently arrived at this observation since I started looking a few months ago.

I tell you, if I had a missing child or a kidnapped wife, I'd call up a property agent and tell them that my lost child/kidnapped wife are looking for a two bedroom in sea point. No doubt, the agent will have tracked down my loved ones and called them at least 15 times by the following day with options.

Cause once you show that interest, they alllll over you.

I had to pick one out of my ear just yesterday. Somehow he had climbed up in there and just wouldn't stop asking me when I'm "available for a viewing?"

Good for them. Gotta make their cheese.

Shame though. They all have the same look in their eye. Like a wide-eyed Walt Disney character that hasn't eaten in three days.

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