Friday, August 21, 2009

Deal Alert: Origin

Origin makes the best cup of coffee in Cape Town.

I don't think I need to argue this point. If you say "No Vida does" I'll stab you in the neck with a spoon. Just come over to my house any evening in the week, and I'll be there, ready to stab you with a spoon. Just for saying that Vida makes better coffee than Origin.

It's not that Vida's coffee is bad. It's just that Origin's will make your eyeballs roll. I'm still rushing from my cup this morn. Maybe that's why I'm threatening you with a spoon.

So can you imagine my deelite when I found out that all coffee is half-price at Origin for a short while. But only upstairs in their new section. Promotion, you see. And a great one. But dangerous. It's like telling a heroin addict there's a HEYDAY SALE on Smack - start stockpiling.

So now I'm there everyday. They've even given me a filthy mattress in the corner to lie on. And when I froth at the mouth and convulse, they calmly wipe away the spittle and give me sugar-water. Don't think Vida would have done that.

So there you go: a solid bit of discount info. Straight from the half-jewish guy who loves a deal as much as he loves free cologne sachets in magazines.

Ch-check it out. I even drew you a map.

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