Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yeah Cape Town!

May I..

Can I...

May I... just say..., that the CCC and all the other lil government-employed busy-bees are doing a SUPERB job of transforming our city into something new and shiny.

Sure it's a bit of a ball-ache having to kamikaze through two-lane traffic cause the other two have been under construction for three years, or trying to figure out how the hell that new Green Point circle thing works without ending up at McD's, but its a ball-ache I'm willing to endure, even enjoy, to watch our city graduate to the big-time.

Have ya seen the new Green Point walkways? They're sic. You could eat your Giovani's pancheta off the tiles they so clean and new. And the overhead lights? Even Stockholmians are gonna be jealous of our public areas when they see that shit.

I'm certainly quite proud.

And that public park is gonna be the best part. I'm not really one to sit on a park bench and feed squirrels, but I'm gonna be at that park stuffing those rodents with peanuts so often, they'll be hiding the nuts in their pits and trading them for favours with the prossies.

Of course, the prossies are the ones who really benefit the most. What with the aforementioned lighting, and the pristine pavements, their showroom floor just got a glorious makeover.

And in case you havent noticed, the CCC are planting trees EVERYWHERE. Not only are male dogs and vagrants now peeing more than ever, but I've noticed a marked increase in O2. Daily.


So with that I say "Kudos" to the CCC and all the other Danny Jordaan oompa loompas.

(Look out for my photgraphic essay - Palm trees and Prossies: Vol 1)

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